Thermal power plant

Medium speed coal mill cylinder lining, fan impeller housing, dust collector inlet flue, ash duct, bucket wheel lining, separator connecting pipe, coal crusher lining, coal hopper and crushing Machine lining plate, burner nozzle, coal hopper and funnel lining plate, air preheater bracket protective tile, separator guide blade. The above parts do not have high requirements on the hardness and wear-resistant strength of the wear-resistant steel plate. Wear-resistant steel plates made of NM360/400 with a thickness of 6-10mm can be used.

1. Thermal power plant
2. Coal yard

Coal yard

Feeding trough and funnel lining, hopper bushing, fan blades, pusher bottom plate, cyclone dust collector, coke guide lining plate, ball mill lining, drill bit stabilizer, spiral feeder clock and base , ring feeder, dump truck, kneader bucket lining. The coal yard operating environment is harsh and has certain requirements for the corrosion resistance and wear-resistant strength of wear-resistant steel plates. It is recommended to use wear-resistant steel plates made of NM400/450 and with a thickness of 8-26mm.

Cement plant

Chute lining, end bushing, cyclone dust collector, separator blades and guide blades, fan blades and lining, recovery bucket lining, screw conveyor bottom plate, pipe components, frit cooling plate Lining, conveyor trough lining. These components also require abrasion-resistant metal plates with higher abrasion and corrosion resistance. Wear-resistant steel plates with a material of NM360/400 and a thickness of 8-30mmd can be used.

3. Cement plant
4. Loading machinery

Loading machinery

Unloading mill chain plate, hopper lining plate, dump truck body, etc. This calls for wear-resistant metal plates with extraordinarily excessive wear-resistant power and hardness. It is recommended to use wear-resistant steel plates made of NM500 with a thickness of 25-45mm.

Mining machinery

Mineral and stone crusher linings and blades, conveyor linings and baffles. Such parts require extremely high wear resistance, and the available materials are NM450/500 wear-resistant steel plates with a thickness of 10-30mm.

5. Mining machinery
6. Construction machinery

Construction machinery

Cement pusher tooth plate, concrete mixing floor, mixer lining plate, dust collector lining plate, brick making machine mold plate. It is suggested to apply abrasion-resistant metal plates made from NM360 NM400 with a thickness of 10-30mm.

Engineering machinery

Loaders, bulldozers, excavator bucket plates, side blade plates, bucket bottom plates, blades, rotary drilling rig drill pipes. This type of machinery requires wear-resistant steel plates that are particularly tough and have extremely high wear resistance. The to-be-had substances are NM500 high-power wear resistant metallic plates with a thickness of 20-60mm.

7. Engineering machinery
8. Metallurgical machinery

Metallurgical machinery

Conveying elbows, iron ore sintering machines and scraper machine liners. Because this type of machinery requires wear-resistant steel plates that are resistant to high temperatures and extremely hard.


Wear-resistant steel plates can also be used in sand mill barrels and blades, various cargo yards and dock mechanical parts, bearing structural parts, railway wheel structural parts, rollers, etc.

9. Others

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